In business since 1947, Sutherland's Foodservice, Inc. is a broadline food wholesaler located inside the Atlanta State Farmers Market in Forest Park, Georgia. It all started as a dream at 79 Trinity Avenue near the corner of Trinity Avenue and Washington Street. Andrew W. Sutherland started Sutherland's Produce Company and delivered eggs by removing the back seat of his car or via pickup truck. Ten cases of eggs would fit in the back of the car so if he had a larger order to fill he would rent a truck to make the delivery. Andrew's wife, Lucy, helped in the office and would candle eggs when necessary. This was the beginning of the "family business."

What once started as Andrew's dream of owning his own business continues sixty three years later. His principles and integrity shaped the beginning of Sutherland's Foodservice, Inc. and remains the cornerstone today. Still family owned and operated, Sutherland's is well into its fourth generation of leadership.

Through the years, innovation, acquisitions and the start up of several companies by Andrew and Lucy's son, Gene, has propelled Sutherland's to where it is today. In January 2010, Gene's son, Gene Jr., became President of the company. Gene Sr., CEO, remains active in all facets of the business.

Sixty five years of experience has helped us to build a strong customer base which includes restaurants, bakeries, state facilities, schools, day cares, universities, health care facilities, correctional institutions and retail operators. Dedication to excellent service and quality products is shared by every member of the Sutherland's team. Our personal touch enables us to meet the ever changing needs of our customers. We take pride in serving others and we consider it a privilege to partner with YOU!


1947 - A.W. Sutherland founded Sutherland's Produce with the Kroger Co. as the first customer

1959 - Sutherland's moved to the new Atlanta State Farmer's Market located in Forest Park, Georgia

1970 - Company changes it's name to Sutherland's Eggs, Inc. as J.E. "Gene" Sutherland, Sr. takes the reins

1986 - 39 Years after it's creation, Sutherland's establishes itself as a broadliner by
purchasing Rich & Morgan, the oldest independent grocer in the city

1992 - Sutherland's becomes a member of Frosty Acres

2005 - Sutherland's is #46 in “2005 ID Top 50” Distributors in the U.S.

2007 - Sutherland's becomes a member of Tailor Made Distribution

2010 - Gene Sutherland Jr. appointed President

In the Beginning

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